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Loop in GUI to open and close the same GUI window

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Hello everyone !
I have a GUI window that I want to close and reopen x-times. In this window I enter parameters and I have to enter them x-times (x defined by the user as an input in an other GUI window).
So, for example I have my window with an edit text box, and a pushbutton. Every time I click on the pushbutton, I want the window to close and re-open.
Once the window has been closed and opened x-times, it opens a different GUI window.
For now, here is my code:
for i = 1:(x- 1)
if (i == (x))
But it doesn't work. the loop increases 'i', but it didn't open the window at each increase, it opens it just one time, quickly close it, and goes directly to nextwindow.
What is the problem ?
Thanks for your help !
Rik on 15 May 2019
You're probably forgetting a uiwait call in there.
It is also probably a good idea to modify the CloseReqFcn of your secondary GUI to get the values out before the GUI actually closes (don't forget to put delete(gcbo) in that function).
Adam on 15 May 2019
It would seem a lot simpler and less unpleasant in terms of figures keep opening and closing to just reset the GUI when you click the push button, up until the last time when it would then finally close it.

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