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two-phase fluid Simulink

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Alejandro calvo
Alejandro calvo on 20 May 2019
I am having some troubles simulating a hydraulic model with a two-phase fluid in Simulink (using Simscape Fluids)
The model works properly when the inputs in the "Two-Phase Fluid Properties (2P)" block are defined within the subcritical region (Pcritical = 46 bar in my model). However, when I extend the pressure vector (and the other thermophysical properties of the fluid) over the critical pressure specified in the block, the following error pops up:
Error compiling Simscape network for model aaaa.
Caused by:
The bold equation below seems to be popping up the error message:
if n_sub < n
assert(all(v_sat_liq_sup(:) == v_sat_vap_sup(:)))
assert(all(s_sat_liq_sup(:) == s_sat_vap_sup(:)))
assert(all(T_sat_liq_sup(:) == T_sat_vap_sup(:)))
assert(all(nu_sat_liq_sup(:) == nu_sat_vap_sup(:)))
assert(all(k_sat_liq_sup(:) == k_sat_vap_sup(:)))
assert(all(Pr_sat_liq_sup(:) == Pr_sat_vap_sup(:)))
I have defined the liquid and vapor-saturated curves over the critical pressure to be exactly the same but still getting that error...
Anybody had similar problems? I Would appreciate any comment/hint with this.


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