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Problem with auto reflow in app designer

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Hello, in the app designer version 2019a, the auto-reflow does not work, the children objects do not resize even if I check the autoresizechildren check box. I have a colleague who has the same issue. Thanks!


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Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 12 Jun 2019
Auto-reflow is different than the autoresize option. Autoresize will resize components for you when the window is resized. Reflow is only possible if you build an app using the new reflow template. This will not only resize your content but also reflow it.
Is your app built using the new reflow template?


Francois Aube
Francois Aube on 12 Jun 2019
Sincerly, what is the new reflow template? I thought it was accessible directly in the app designer itself. As you see, I'm quite a beginner in that field :)
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams on 12 Jun 2019
The reflow template is available on the start page when you start up App Designer or press New from within App Designer, in the middle next to blank app. You can chose 2 columns or 3 columns which will reflow to stack on top of each other when the app gets narrow. Your components will resize as you resize the app.
Francois Aube
Francois Aube on 12 Jun 2019
Ahhh! ok, thanks a lot for the info!

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