how to specify length on subplot

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Mr noobys
Mr noobys on 25 Jun 2019
Commented: Mr noobys on 25 Jun 2019
Hi guys
so i want to subplot a vector and matrix in the same figure using this code
the plot is ike this
the variable data (vector) length is 1600 and the variable wt(matrix) length is 1000
i want the subplot to be like this (the two variable have a same length,in this case i want the length to be 1000).
Annotation 2019-06-25 225952.png
how to do that?
thank youu very much

Accepted Answer

infinity on 25 Jun 2019
You could set xlim of the first figure.
More details, you should see this
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Mr noobys
Mr noobys on 25 Jun 2019
Thank you very much! that's solve my problem :D

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