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Is there any difference between Matlab 2019 and 2015?

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Erich Lim
Erich Lim on 8 Jul 2019
Commented: Mohammad Vahab on 29 Apr 2020
Are there any significant improvents between Matlab 2019 and 2015 versions? Looking for some good reasons to buy/upgrade.


Guillaume on 11 Nov 2019
and the table
Already you've made a selection (why not categoricals and datetime for example). In addition, tables come with a lot of baggage, which you'd have to either rip out or fully reimplement. Tables have special code paths to support the aforementioned categorical and datetime. They also need come with readtable, and writetable which reimplement all the excel reading and writing (independently of xlsread and xlswrite). And you need all the detectimportoptions business. In addition, the class derives from the hidden (and sadly undocumented) matlab.mixin.internal.indexing.DotParen which I think reimplements dot indexing (in a saner way than doing it through subref)...
James Tursa
James Tursa on 25 Nov 2019
Changes to the storage format for complex variables in R2018a will also result in significant speed differences for certain operations. Some will get faster and some will get slower depending on what you are doing compared to earlier versions. E.g., see this link:
Mohammad Vahab
Mohammad Vahab on 29 Apr 2020
I am running same code on similar workstations, and I can see 100% enhanced performance by using matlab 2019a! The analysis is using 4 cores, through parfor... If you plan to run parallel analysis, I strongly recommend to upgrade to the latest version!

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youssef aider
youssef aider on 8 Nov 2019
The 2019 version is very faster. you can solve complicated problems much more efficiently without the need for low level programming languages.


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