How do I re-install matlab in my computer?

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Yug Dave
Yug Dave on 18 Jul 2019
Edited: Mario Chiappelli on 18 Jul 2019
Due to a problem in my hard drive, I had to delete all the data on my PC and replace the hard drive. Now I am unable to download the software again.

Answers (1)

Mario Chiappelli
Mario Chiappelli on 18 Jul 2019
Edited: Mario Chiappelli on 18 Jul 2019
First you need to properly uninstall matlab from your computer.
Find the location of the main matlab file. Mine looks like this:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB
then follow the below pathway
\MATLAB Runtime\v96
and find the uninstall folder. Read the .txt file in their for more instructions.
You then should be able to download it again from really any link and then when you run the .exe installer you will be prompted for your account information to validate you own a license.
If this doesnt help, you should describe the issue more. e.g. what error are you getting or what it specifically isn't doing when you go to download it.

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