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Save n*Number of Pie Charts Generated from a loop

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Hello Everyone,
I am using following code to generate pie charts:
myDir = uigetdir;
for d = 1:length(Dataset)
baseFileName = (strcat('Figure', num2str(d),'.jpg'));
fullFileName = fullfile(myDir, baseFileName);
imwrite(p, fullFileName);
I am incurring following error:
Error using imwrite (line 420)
Expected DATA to be one of these types:
numeric, logical
Instead its type was
Error in graphs (line 37)
imwrite(p, fullFileName);
Note: Except imwrite code, pie charts are generated.
Any help would be appreciated :-)
Waqar Ali Memon

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 18 Jul 2019
Explanation of the problem
The primary resource to go to with problems like these is the documentation which describes what the first input should be to imwrite().
That link shows that the first input should be a matrix of image data. It appears you're inputting the handle to a pie chart.
From your title I understand that you want to merely save the pie charts. Use saveas().

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