Trouble to construct graph

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Zongo Amara Mohamed Isaac
Zongo Amara Mohamed Isaac on 22 Jul 2019
Commented: dpb on 22 Jul 2019
Morning everybody.
I've just become very familiar with Matlab, but I'm having trouble building a graph (histogram):
on the X axis I would like to have the name of countries and the Y axis the food products consumption by sector.
I don't know the code to use
thanking you in advance.
Best regards.
attached my file
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dpb on 22 Jul 2019
The label properties are XTickLabel and YTickLabel
If you would use categorical variables for the X, the labels would show up automagically--see the example at
doc histogram

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Mario Chiappelli
Mario Chiappelli on 22 Jul 2019
Check out this documentation:
Most of the time if you google "Matlab your issue", official documentation from mathworks will show up and give you everything you need to know.

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