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Common dependency management with source control

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I have two relatively large projects (A and B) that share a common dependency (C). A, B and C are all in their own separate git repositories. Now I want A to use code developed in B. There are multiple ways to handle this, none of which appear to be seamless.
If I use git submodules or subtrees, then adding A and B to the MATLAB path results in two copies of C being on the path. Due to function precedence the copies of functions of C in A are always called (A comes first alphabetically on the path). If the versions of C in A and B are out of sync, this can result in unexpected behavior in B.
I could solve this by putting C in private subfolders of A and B, so the expected version is called, but then many of the files in A and B must be in the top-level folder, which is not a very well organized solution. Additionally, my code depends on a number of FEX submissions, and it would be helpful to be able to organize those into their own "lib" folder to maintain a hard boundary between that code and my own code.
Alternatively, I could forego submodules, and manually add C separately. Then there is only one copy of C on the path. However, this results in a proliferation of repositories which must be independently cloned to access the functionality of a single project, especially with the number of FEX submissions.
Finally, I could just dump everything in a single repository, but then maintaining multiple copies of the dependencies, with respect to future projects, becomes nightmarish and violates DRY (don't repeat yourself).
Am I missing a more ideal and seamless way of handling this sort of dependency problem? I have googled a number of terms I thought might result in useful information, but haven't found anything aside the four options listed above.
per isakson
per isakson on 23 Jul 2019
Edited: per isakson on 23 Jul 2019
I'm trying to get my head around how to best use Matlab's git support and I've spent a couple of days reading and testing. E.g.
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  • The Developer Zone blogs don't discuss the problem of dependencies.
  • There is no "ideal and seamless way of handling this sort of dependency problem", neither in Matlab nor elsewhere.
  • More context is needed to choose an approach. Single developer or a group. ...
"A, B and C are all in their own separate git repositories." fine, but what is the meaning of "the versions of C in A and B"? Is C a subtree or submodule of A and B, respectively? Why?
When working on A, is it likely that you will modify code in B and C? In my case that is likely.
William Warriner
William Warriner on 23 Jul 2019
Great questions. I work in academia developing software tools to support group research and for proof-of-concept for industry. I mostly do development work alone, but hope to bring in any other talent I can.
I allowed myself a couple of days to thrash around and experiment with this and realized that you are absolutely right, there is no best way to do this. I've tried subtrees, submodules, copy-paste, and even a package manager ( which was pretty neat but lacks recursive requirements checking (admittedly a pretty hard problem as I've learned). Even Microsoft has spent lots of time and money on a similar problem (
To answer your specific questions: I have tried both subtrees and submodules. Either way, there are two copies of C on the MATLAB path. By function precedence, only one is preferred. If for any reason those copies of C become desynchronized (say A gets a new version of C that would break B) then there can be unexpected or undesirable results (such as code in B failing to run). The same problem can occur whether C is a submodule or subtree of A and B.
I am consistently and frequently modifying code in B and C. As a result I'm moving to a monolithic repository. If I get additional people working on the code and can divide responsibilities, then it might be worth addressing the problem again.
I would still be interested to hear from you and others on what works and doesn't.
Thanks for your thoughts and help!

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