How to model a permanent bar magnet in SimScape?

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Rory Butler
Rory Butler on 28 Jul 2019
Commented: Rory Butler on 3 Aug 2019
I'm using simscape to model a robot which drives a long a metal surface and adheres to it through the use of permanent magnets embedded in the wheels. I've imported my own geometry. Is there a way I can 'assign' part of the geometry as a permanent magnet?
Rory Butler
Rory Butler on 3 Aug 2019
Hi Hari,
I haven't been able to find any equations to apply to a custom block given field strength and distance etc. I am hoping to add a permanent magnet that starts at a distance from a plane surface and see how the magnetic force on the plate gets stronger the closer it gets to the plate. Is it possible to use the magnetic foundation library to do this?

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