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How do i find only the specific date of the maximum temperature?

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I have the the data below in which i already the know Maximum the maximum temperature in the TMAX column to be 44.96 by using (max(CVG.TMAX)). Now i want to display the date of this temperature. How do i do that knowing the data is too large and i want to find the date of the maximu temperature(year,month,day)

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suleiman abdullahi
suleiman abdullahi on 18 Aug 2019
maxim = find(CVG.TMAX == max(CVG.TMAX)); % CVG is the name of the data, TMAX is the column of the maximum temp
CVG(maxim,2:10) % i want the 2nd to the 10th column in which the maximum temperature appears displayed
this code displays this answer below, i think i got the answer i was looking for. Thanks

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darova on 18 Aug 2019
max can also return index
[M,I] = max(a);
Read more in help: max
suleiman abdullahi, I want you to accept my answer.

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