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Table for neural network regression

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I made a table for neural network regression,
regNet = trainNetwork(trData,'Percent',layers,options), and gor the following error
Error using trainNetwork (line 165)
Invalid training data table for regression. Predictors must be in the first column of the table, as a cell array of image paths or images.
The Table, .txt file, I made has two variables, a string and a double, The first two rows looks like this. I thought they look exactly as in the tutorial .


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Accepted Answer

Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya on 23 Aug 2019
To retrieve the data from the text file, you can use “readtable” function in this way:
This will save the data in the desired format.
In “trainNetwork” function, you can provide a table as input but in this table first column[KP1] should contain the ‘Predictor’ information corresponding to each observation. Here, each row corresponds to each separate observation. Now, Predictor can be absolute/relative file path to an image, specified as a character vector or any image specified as a 3D numeric array. 2nd input is the ‘responseName’ which is in this case is ‘Percent’.
Now, after defining your network (“layers”) and training options (“options”) you can use this:
net = trainNetwork(tbl,'Percent',layers,options);

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Shin-yee Lu
Shin-yee Lu on 26 Aug 2019
Add format to read table solved the problem. Thanks

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