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Regarding matlab cody solutions

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I have very basic knowledge in matlab programming. So, I decided to improve my matlab programming knowledge by doing some Matlab Cody exercises. As I'm a beginner in Matlab Programming, I couldn't able to solve more than 10 problems in Matlab Cody. I have tried to look at others soultions . Unfortunately , I cannot see others solutions. I cannot even see the solutions of others for the problems that I have already solved. Then what is the purpose of Cody when you cannot improve your coding by looking at various possibilities of solutons from others. It really didn't make any sense for me . Can somebody tell me the way to improve my coding knowledge in matlab?
Stephen on 6 Sep 2019
"...there are dumb cheats that you should just ignore. Learn from what's good. Don't learn from what's bad."
This is begging the question: exactly how is a beginner supposed to know the difference?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 5 Sep 2019
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 5 Sep 2019
Cody is meant more as a game. It offers a chance to solve various challenges and then compare your solution to what others with "larger" solution sizes have done. That is the one caveat - you can't see solutions smaller than your code size.
If you want to learn more about coding, you should instead consider going through a self-paced training or online class. In MATLAB, click on the Learn MATLAB button.
This will take you to the MATLAB and Simulink Training page. If you are new to MATLAB, the best place to start is with MATLAB Onramp, a free, 2 hour introduction to programming in MATLAB. Other free onramps introduce you to Simulink and Deep Learning. Only the Onramps are free, but if you are a student, you may have access to additional courses. Use the My Courses page to explore.
On a new install, there is also a Getting Started banner that takes you to the Getting Started with MATLAB page. Here, you will find tutorials and additional info to help you learn.
If you would like more of a formal introduction, consider looking at MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). For example, Introduction to Programming with MATLAB on Coursera.

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Israt Jahan
Israt Jahan on 4 Jul 2020
I think Cody is a great platform to improve someone's coding skill. Although I was familiar with MATLAB since my undergrad, I was not very good at it. So when I first started using Cody, I was finding it difficult to solve problems because of my lacking of programming skill. So I completed the tutorial MATLAB Onramp and then solved the problems of MATLAB Onramp practice. After that, I was able to solve problems from other problem groups. I do not care what the leading solution size is and if my solution is much bigger than the leading solution as long as my solution works fine. I can feel that my programming skill is improving day by day. I have tried a few other online courses but no other platform or online course has overcome my fear of coding as Cody did.
And I think it is actually helpful that I can't see others' solutions unless I have submitted mine. If there was an option to see solutions beforehand, I think I wouldn't have tried on my own the way I do now.

Guillaume on 5 Sep 2019
Once you solve a problem, you can see other solutions of the same size or larger. You won't be able to see smaller solutions until you solve another problem in the same category. If that is not what is happening, then give us the list of problems you have solved and I'll ask the cody people to look at it.
Indeed there is not currently any way to see the solution to a problem you haven't solved. But any solution, even if not very good will allow you to unlock all the solutions (once you solve another problem).

Yuanhao Zhu
Yuanhao Zhu on 2 Aug 2021
You could check others solution by going to the "Solution Comment" section (while you can't access to the section while you're "solving" the question). Click on the blue hyperlink text called "Solution XXXX(a few numbers)", then you should be able to see their answers.


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