Patch antenna with multiple feeds with independent voltage and phases

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I'm using the antenna toolbox and would like to create a custom antenna element which consists of two patches above a ground plane. I have no problem in creating the geometry and the final element using pcbStack (this tutorial helped). However, even though I can specify multiple feeds using pcbStack's FeedLocation property, I can only specify one value each for the voltage and phase (using FeedVoltage and FeedPhase, respectively). Is it possible to specify independent voltage and phases?

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Da Huang
Da Huang on 24 Sep 2019
Hi udax,
if you setup the FeedLocations property properly in pcbStack object. Then you shall be able to set the FeedVoltage and FeedPhase as vector in the same object. Please see example below for a two feed patchMicrostripEnotch, which has independent feed voltage and phase.
p = patchMicrostripEnotch;
p = pcbStack(p);
p.FeedLocations = [-0.0034 0 1 3;0.0034 0 1 3];
p.FeedVoltage = [1,2];
p.FeedPhase = [0,90];

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