Typing polynomial with multiple constants

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Dear Matlab user,
I am a beginner in Matlab. I am trying to make a loop to build polynomials with different constant which each equation has solution.
x1^2-3x1+1=0 x2^2+5x2+2=0 . . xn^2-6xn+n=0
would you help me about the code ? Thanks

Accepted Answer

Javier on 18 Sep 2012
Edited: Javier on 18 Sep 2012
Hello Endah
Procedure 1 (no poly function)
To write polynomial function and evaluate in some interval of X1
Procedure 2 (poly function)
root=[2 3 4]; %This is the polynomial equation 2X1^2 + 3X1 +4
%evaluate in number between 0 and 10 increments of 1
If need more help please let us know
Best regards and welcome to Matlab world

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