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Data Types of Signals in a Bus Selector

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Deepak on 21 Sep 2012
Hi, Is it possible to get the data-type of the signals in a bus-selector programmatically. any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Ismael Alcalá
Ismael Alcalá on 28 Nov 2012
Edited: Ismael Alcalá on 28 Nov 2012
Hi Deepak, you can select the bus-selector block in simulink and execute in matlab:
portHandles = get(gcbh,'PortHandles')
mStruct = Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct(portHandles.Outport)
Then you can find all signal types in the bus selector using class for each signal
ans =
I hope this can help you,
I. Alcalá


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