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How can I define dynamic mathematical model for Landing Gear?

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Kadir Dogan
Kadir Dogan on 28 Oct 2019
Hi. I want to design front landing gear for my UAV. I have to consider some requirements for the design and one of them is force transmission. There are a coil spring and natural rubber in the tube and It reduces the force transmission but I have to know exact value. How can I do that? Is there any library or code for this? Thank you

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Naveen Shanmuganantham
Naveen Shanmuganantham on 16 Dec 2020
It is my understanding that you need to model landing gear for the UAV. The following links will help you through the design process.
To model a wing landing gear mechanism that can deploy and retract based on the input deploy signal, please refer to the following documentation link,
To model a landing gear including main and lock hydraulic actuators, with multibody dynamics, please refer to the following File exchange link:
To model and simulate landing gear actuators using Simscape with mechanical and hydraulic systems, also using the system-level model to refine requirements, and tune component parameters, please refer to the following webinar video,

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