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App Designer Axis Issue xlim and dataticks

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Jogger on 22 Nov 2019
Commented: Jogger on 10 Jun 2020
I want to create axis (X,Y) with dateticks.
I want to plot the data with axis(xlim and dateticks - hh:mm:ss.SSS) but I am getting an error
ans =
101×1 duration array


Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 22 Nov 2019
Check out your values of xstart xend. Then look at the error message and ask yourself what requirements you're not fulfilling. There are 3 requirements according to the error message.
  • "Value must be a 1x2 vector
  • of numeric type
  • in which the second element is larger than the first and may be Inf"
To address the 1st point, size([xstart xend]); is that 1x2?
To address the 2nd point, class(xstart) and class(xend); is it numeric?
To address the 3rd point, xend>xstart; is it true?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 25 Nov 2019
  1. Sorry, xstart and xend should each be 1x1. The [xstart, xend] should be 1x2 which looks OK in your data above.
  2. If your x-data are duration, your x-limits need to be durations, too. That's directly from the documentation. "You can specify the limits as numeric, categorical, datetime, or duration values. However, the type of values that you specify must match the type of values along the x-axis."
  3. The 2nd value of your x-axis limit must be greater than your first value. That makes sense because you're setting the [lower, upper] bounds of the x-axis.
So you need to fix #2 and #3. My answer has a function demo.

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 25 Nov 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 27 Nov 2019
I see your data are durations along the x axis. To set the axis limits,
  1. Use xlim() where the first input is your axis handle and your 2nd input is a [1 x 2] vector of durations
  2. The 2nd value of your x limit must be larger than the first value
Here's a demo
% Create data and plot it on UIAxes
h = duration([9 17 54;12 32 3]);
app.uiax = uiaxes();
plot(app.uiax,h,[0,1], '-o')
% Create the [start,end] x-limits
xstart = duration(9,0,0);
xend = duration(13,0,0);
% Set the x limits: xend must be larger than xstart
xlim(app.uiax,[xstart, xend])
If your are plotting this : [c{range,1},range]
then you minimum and maximum durations would be
xstart = min([c{range,1},range]);
xend = max([c{range,1},range]);


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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 2 Dec 2019
I see. Glad we got the datetick xlim problem worked out.
It looks like you've got a list of additional problems that are unrelated. Maybe it would be better to solve one at a time and to make a new question since it's a new topic. I'd be glad to help but tackling all of these within the same thread could make it difficult to follow the discussion. You could copy the link below to bring the new thread to my attention, if you'd like.
Jogger on 2 Dec 2019
Thanks a lot.
Issue : How to make a plot a figure from stackedplot ?
Others I will raise the new threads.
Jogger on 10 Jun 2020
Hi Adam,
Can you please have a look in the below post.
The issue is initiail text data are over lapping . I would like to have a Tab like implementation before next data is printed.
Example : Issue can be seen with below example, One,Two and Three text are over lapping.
x = [1:3];
y = [1:3];
str1 = ['One'];
str2 = ['Two'];
str3 = ['Three'];
Thank you

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