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Dear friends, the long matlab command that I have written is error. I want to be spelled the same way but without error.

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Vuqar Samedov
Vuqar Samedov on 30 Nov 2019
Edited: the cyclist on 30 Nov 2019
formatSpec = '%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%f%... %q%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%q%q%f%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%...
formatSpec = '%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%f%...
Error: Character vector is not terminated properly.

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Vuqar Samedov
Vuqar Samedov on 30 Nov 2019
My friend the cyclist . Please help me . It is very important to me.
I need to write a long form, but I could not. not taken as in the picture. Matlab gives error.
My Friend I want to write this command in a long form of matlab but don't make a error.
Please help me very much. It is very important to me.
It has 160 characters (%q).
It has 9 characters (%f).
It has 1 characters (%C).
formatSpec = '%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%f%q%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%q%q%f%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%C%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%f%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%q%[^\n\r]';

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 30 Nov 2019
@dpb gave a solution in your other question. Stephen Cobeldick mentioned this above. You seem to be ignoring the people trying to help you.
Here is his solution again.
fmt=['%f' repmat('%q',1,45) repmat('%f',1,2) repmat('%q',1,3) repmat('%f',1,2) ...
The main thing you need to understand is to not let the group of characters going across multiple lines. Instead, you need something like
fmt = ['char_group_1 ' ...
'char_group_2 ' ...
'char_group_3 ' ...

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