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Matlab Outputting answers as fractions

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Hi so i'm trying to find 4 variables from 4 linear equations which it does however the answers output are all huge fractions for some reason anyone know how to change this? Code attached for context.
clear; clc;
format shortG
syms C1 C2 C3 C4
eqn1= 0.3598*C1 - 0.6445*C2 - 0.6388*C3 + 0.2170*C4 == 0;
eqn2= -0.6155*C1 + 0.3427*C2 - 0.5333*C3 + 0.4683*C4 == 40;
eqn3= 0.5942*C1 + 0.3962*C2 + 0.1659*C3 + 0.6800*C4 == 0;
eqn4= -0.3724*C1 - 0.5570*C2 + 0.5291*C3 +0.5208*C4 == 0;
[A,B] = equationsToMatrix([eqn1, eqn2, eqn3, eqn4], [C1, C2, C3, C4]);
X =


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Dec 2019
You are still in the Symbolic Math Toolbox environment.
Try one of these (depending on the rresult you want):
X = vpa(linsolve(A,B))
X = double(linsolve(A,B))
The vpa call keeps the results symbolic, the double call makes the results numeric.


Michael Finch
Michael Finch on 12 Dec 2019
Thank you this worked perfectly :)

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