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Multiplying a 3x3 matrix where values change with each iteration by a 3x1 matrix with values that iterate

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Tommy Pestolesi
Tommy Pestolesi on 10 Dec 2019
I am trying to multiply a 3x3 matrix [x x 0; x x c; x x c] where x reprensnets a mathmatical operation that contains a time variable. I am multiplying that by a 3x1 matrix with 1000's of lines of data. the first entry in the 3x1 corresponds to the first time entry of the 3x3 matrix. so my goal is to multiply the 1st instance of the 3x3 with the 1st instance of the 3x1. then multiply the 2nd instance of the 3x3 by the 2nd instance of the 3x1 and so on and so fourth. my goal is to plot the resulting 3x1 matrix against time. If this isn't clear I will do my best to make it as clear as possible so that I can find a solution to my problem.


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