How to multiply different elements of a vector(with no value stored) inside a for loop to generate an equation.

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I want to repeatedly add one form of the equation i times, in this I want constants as f(1),f(2)... and variables x1, x2...y1,y2...z1,z2...So, the required outcome for i=1 should be g=f(1).*x1.^2+f(2).*y1+f(3).*z1 as seen by program below(not working). It is necessary for its use with nlinfit.
I am trying to implement it using for loop with null vector(supposedly wrong approach). I have also tried declaring it as f(1)=[]... it also gives an error "Deletion requires an existing variable". It works if I use f as a symbol like x,y or z but that will be useless for me.
Please give me a solution to the problem addressed not the problems in my solution. Thanks :)
x=sym('x',[1 3]);
y=sym('y',[1 3]);
z=sym('z',[1 3]);
f=[]; %first way to declare null vector
%f=int16.empty(3,0); %second way to declare null vector
for i=1:1:3
Vijay Shekhawat
Vijay Shekhawat on 28 Dec 2019
I clearly get it f=[] will not work, so please stop pointing at it again and again. Try to move ahead, I just want to add an equation of this form n times.
x=sym('x',[1 3]);
%How to declare f?? It should be a vector f(1), f(2) ...
for i=1:n
The above should return f(1).*x1+f(2).*x2+f(3).*x3.

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