How can I remove rows in a matrix with a range of value that I do not want?

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Hi sorry if this is a simple question but I am struggling to work my script. I have a huge dataset with over 40 million points and 20 columns. One is for depth and I am trying to remove values above 6m and below 10m and only keep the rows which have a range of -10m to -6m in depth (depth is in column 4).
I have this so far but i am unsure what to do next and I am really struggling in trying to source a range of values.
close all
%z = (Z>-6.0);
%z = (Z()<-10.0);
Z(Z(:,4)>-6.0) = NaN;
Z(Z(:,4)<-10.0) = NaN;
Z(any(isnan(Z),:20),:) = [];
Many thanks for any help.

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