How to model tapped windings in Simscape?

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Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar on 24 Jan 2020
Answered: Adithya C on 15 Feb 2023
I want to model a multi output flyback transformer with tapped at secondary windings. Therefore there will be two output of the transformer according to number of turns above and below the tap.
So far I have used a model as attached and also I a attached the configuration i want in reality.
I would like to know do the model and the reality match each other?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanksmodel vs reality.png

Answers (2)

Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 30 Jan 2020
You can refer to the documentation of Multi-Winding Transformer block which gives a detailed explanation about tapped transformer windings. You can adjust the number of of this block by double clicking on it adjusting the number of taps as required. You can also refer to the screenshot which I have attached.ML.PNG
Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar on 1 Feb 2020
Here is my model and it seems close but i did not include the leakeage inductace on purpose.

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Adithya C
Adithya C on 15 Feb 2023
You can use Mutual Inductor block in the MATLAB physical model system.


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