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pca coeff,scores, explained for several matrices in a for loop

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Hy everybody,
I have the following issue: i want to get the coeff, scores and explained values for all my 17 submatrices using the following loop.
How do i have to assign the variables coeff, score, explained in advance in the code that it gives me not 1 but 17 outputs?
for j=1:17 %number of my matrices
[coeff,score,~,~,explained] = pca({1, j});
my matrices have the size (15,221).
Thanks for help!
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Kim Arnold
Kim Arnold on 20 Feb 2020
Hi found out myself.
for j=1:length(Spos.Submatrices.tpoints)
[coeff{1,j},score{1,j},~,~,explained{1,j}] = pca({1, j});

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