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I have been getting error 377 for weeks now. How do I fix this issue?

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I have been trying to do my yearly activation of Matlab2018a for weeks. I am going through the internet activation option and every time I get this error message:
" Error 337: The information you provided could not be processed due to an issue with our systems. Please try again later "
I have been trying for weeks off and on. What is causing this error and what can I do about it? It is becoming increasingly difficult not having a functional matlab on my computer.

Answers (1)

Cedric on 9 Mar 2020
Edited: Cedric on 9 Mar 2020
You could follow the instructions for manual activation provided in the thread referenced in this answer.
Clarisse van der Feltz
Clarisse van der Feltz on 9 Mar 2020
Thank you for this option. I now get the error that MathWorks is unavailable. I will try again later.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Mar 2020
Hypothetically you could be having a firewall problem reaching the appropriate server.

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