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Cannot select parameters to estimate using Simulink design optimization

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bit123 on 5 Apr 2020
Edited: sanya gode on 30 Apr 2020
I have a Simulink model with 6 parameters of 6 gain blocks. I specified them as the Simulink parameters directly for each gain block in the model. I also specified 6 initial values for these parameters. Then, I used the parameter estimation function in the Simulink design optimization tool to estimate the 6 gain parameters following my input/output experiment data. But I could not select these parameters to estimate (the boxes next to the parameters could not be checked as in the attachment). I would appreciate if someone could advise me on this.

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sanya gode
sanya gode on 30 Apr 2020
I am facing the same problem. It will be very helpful if someone can guide on what mistake I must be doing so that this is happening. I have given signal logging, I have mentioned the parameters in the Model Workspace.
also, for me "Input Panel" is not coming when I select edit experiment.
Kindly help.

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