How to use ReliefF algorithm for a dataset?

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I want to use ReliefF feature selection algorithm for a dataset(colon), I found this code for ReliefF function from github website (I attached two file ReliefF_Zeal and test_ReliefF) and also Matlab Help is similar to this code
function [Rank, Score] = ReliefF_Zeal(X, y, K)
[Rank, Score] = relieff(X, y, K);
but I don't know how to load my data (train and test) in this function, my goal was selecting 30 best features from the data,I'll be very gratefull to have your opinions. Thanks
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Demet Yesilbas
Demet Yesilbas on 19 Jun 2020
I am also interested about Relief-F for a project and as I understood x is your input data, y is the target, k is a number can be 10(as I understood it depends on your data). But X must have as many rows as there are elements in Y.

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Jingwei Too
Jingwei Too on 23 Jul 2020


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