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Getting ith element of each cell array with different sizes in loop

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I have A
A ={[1;2;3;4],[5;6],[7;8;9;10],[17;13;15;20;25]};
val=cellfun(@(x) numel(x),A);
for i=1:length(1:max(val))
temp = cellfun(@(v)v(i),A)
%% use temp
In first loop
temp = [1,5,7,17]
In second loop
temp = [2,6,8,13]
In third loop I have error as Index exceeds the number of array elements (2).
How can I get this resul?
In third loop ---> temp = [3,6,9,15]
In forth loop ---> temp = [4,6,10,20]
In fifth loop ---> temp = [4,6,10,25]

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Apr 2020
temp = cellfun(@(v)v(min(end,i)),A)

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