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What setting do I change so that all files opened in the editor are accessed by a single tabbed matlab editor window?

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James on 25 Oct 2012
Answered: Pavel Osipov on 19 Dec 2018
Presently, each file that I open for editing is assigned to its own window. I would like to have all open files be associated with a single, tabbed window. I am unable to find a setting that affects this. R12b.


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Accepted Answer

Evan on 25 Oct 2012
Edited: Evan on 25 Oct 2012
As far as I know, there is no setting that allows this view option to be explicitly specified.
However, MATLAB remembers your "last-used" preference, so in order to set the editor to always dock files in the tabbed format to which you refer, simply do the following:
1. Click the "dock" arrow in the upper hand corner of a single file. This will cause the file to be docked in the main MATLAB window.
2. Click the uppermost "undock" arrow in the editor tab (which is now in the main MATLAB window) to move the editor to its own window.
3. Open any other file. It will now be docked in the (now separate) editor window in the tabbed format you're wanting.
If you close the editor after doing this, your preference will be remembered the next time you open the editor.


Raymond Phan
Raymond Phan on 24 May 2017
This is still true to this day as I'm using R2016b. There is no way to explicitly request new files to be in new tabs rather than new windows unless you do this procedure. Thanks for posting your answer!

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Pavel Osipov
Pavel Osipov on 19 Dec 2018
Thank you dear Ivan, everything was fine. In P 18b already has a button " Collapse all open files in the editor window." Hello everyone, happy New Year and good luck! Pavel.


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