Sum question in Matlab

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ka kei yeung
ka kei yeung on 23 Apr 2020
Commented: ka kei yeung on 23 Apr 2020
i'm confusing of how to sum two different vector in matlab
Scuh as v1=[1 2]
v2= [3 4]
and i wanna got the output of 10 which mean sum those number together
function [Vectors] = sumVectors(v1, v2)
Vectors = v1+v2;
this is the code i have done so far

Accepted Answer

BALAJI KARTHEEK on 23 Apr 2020
Hii buddy,
There is something you want to know in matlab..
if u sum two vectors, it eventually results in to vector of individual sum of the elements. In your case v1+v2 results into a vector of [4 6], and if u want to sum all the elements in a vector use sum function. for example sum(v1) gives you the scalar value of 3 sum(v2) gives you the scalar value of 7. So you want to modify your code as Vectors=sum(v1)+sum(v2).
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ka kei yeung
ka kei yeung on 23 Apr 2020
Oh my goddddd, that's the things I'm confusing. oh my god, thx for helping me figure it out.

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KSSV on 23 Apr 2020
v1 = [1 2] ;
v2 = [3 4] ;
% MEthod 1
v = [v1 v2] ;
iwant = sum(v) ;
% method 2
v = v1+v2 ;
iwant = sum(v) ;
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ka kei yeung
ka kei yeung on 23 Apr 2020
i have tried that, seems like it's going to be work
but I got the value output of 1 2 3 4 when i'm using mt driver code to test the code
function [Vectors] = sumVectors(v1,v2)
Vectors = [v1 v2];
iwant = sum(Vectors);
and here my driver code
v1 = [1 2];
v2 = [3 4];
sum = sumVectors(v1,v2);

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