Problem with coefficient c in function form in solving 2D-PDE (PDE toolbox)

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I'm trying to solve a 2D-PDE with a c coefficent in function form, but i'm having some trouble in using location struct.
here is my function for c coefficient:
function cmatrix = ccoeffunction(location,~)
n1 = 4;
nr = numel(location.x);
cmatrix = zeros(n1,nr);
cmatrix(1,:) = Ds*ones(1,nr);
cmatrix(2,:) = jv*(location.y)+jv*((location.y).^3)/3;
cmatrix(3,:) = -jv*(location.x)+Ds*((location.x)./(location.y));
cmatrix(4,:) = Ds*ones(1,nr);
However the location struct passed to the function contains in fields x and y just one zero, so my function doesen't work correctly.
location =
struct with fields:
x: 0
y: 0
z: 0
subdomain: 1
How can i pass to my function the correct location struct???

Accepted Answer

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 1 May 2020
Hi Chiara,
Solver will call the function several times to check if it is returing the correct format of coeff and so on, for these probing calls a single point is used. If you continue and get past this initial calls, you will be able to see that solver eventually calls with location of several Gauss points where element matrices are integrated.

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