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Placing pedestrian and bicycle traffic light in RoadRunner

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Berend on 14 May 2020
Answered: Karen Tripp on 18 Mar 2021
Does RoadRunner support placing pedestrian and/or bicycle traffic lights at junctions? Is the RoadRunner Asset Library mandatory to do this?
This doesn't seem to be documented.

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Karen Tripp
Karen Tripp on 18 Mar 2021
I understand you are wondering about the availability of pedestrian and bicycle traffic signals in RoadRunner. There is an option to include walk signals, but it requires the RoadRunner Asset Library. Without the RoadRunner Asset Library Add-On, you would just have access to a standard traffic signal. For more information on creating new assets, please see Create, Import, and Modify Assets.
While there isn’t a signal that is explicitly for bicycles, you can customize the walk signal, so you might be able to use that signal to serve your purpose. For more information on customizing a signal asset, please see Signal Assets.

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