How do I solve and plot a system of differential equations?

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I'm new with MATLAB so, even if i usually try to solve my problems by my own, this time the problem is far over my ability.
I need to find a way to solve the following differential equations' system:
Mb'' + Kb = P
b(0) = h
M and K are two matrix n x n known
b is a vector of n line time-depending
P is a n x 1 vector known
My professor suggested me to turn the system, without going into details, into this one:
y' + Ay = G
y is a 2n x 1 vector
A is a 2n x 2n known matrix
G is a 2n x 1 known vector
I would like to calculate the value of Yi in different times (such as time 0 , 1, ... ,10), having so a matrix with the value of each y at a given time in each column and the value of a single Yi in each row (or viceversa, ofc)
Moreover I only need the first half of the vector Y (the first n terms) and I can discard the other terms.
Since I'm here i also ask you how to plot this in a 3D plot, or a 2D plot+color.

Answers (1)

Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 28 Jan 2011
To solve the differential equation, you could use ode45 or one of the other differential equation solvers (if you type "doc ode45" you'll see a list of them). An example call:
[T,Y] = ode45(odefun,tspan,y0);
For odefun you could use the inline definition:
odefun(y) = @(y) -A*y + G;
If you want the solution at specific times, you'll need to give the times in tspan.
To plot, if n=1 in your problem,

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