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Find the evaluated condition in decision

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Can someone help me with a program to find the condition of a decision which is executed. For example
((u == 1)&&(u1==2))||(u ==2)&&u1==2)
In this decision the if the 1st condition is satisfied the second condition is not evaluated (short circuited)
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Hello Rik Thanks for your response the output should be the condition executed.
In the above example the output should be u==1 ,u1==2 if u is 1and u1 is 2

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 May 2020
Do you mean like this?
if (u == 1) && (u1==2)
% First condition code.
elseif (u == 2) && u1 == 2 % Only evaluated if the first test fails.
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Small correction in the code
if (u == 1)
% u == 1 evaluated to true
if (u1 == 2)
% u1 == 2 evaluate to true
elseif (u == 2)
% u == 2 evaluated
if (u1 == 2)
% u1 == 2 evaluated to true

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