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urgent help, please

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Murad Nuri
Murad Nuri on 26 May 2020
Commented: Steven Lord on 26 May 2020
N=input("Enter the number of storeys: ")
m1=input("what is you m1 value? ")
As you see in the first command i ask a user to input the number of storeys. Now, my question is that i want the m1 input command to pop up N times which was entered in the first command. How can I possibly do this?
Can anyone help me on this basic issue? Thank you!


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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta on 26 May 2020
If you want to enter the values one by one, then you can use a loop:
N=input("Enter the number of stories: ")
for index = 1:N
m1(index)=input("What is your m1 value? ")


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 May 2020
If you're asking if you can create N individual variables, one to store each individual m1 value, you can do this but you should not. Prefer storing them as elements in one larger variable.
Murad Nuri
Murad Nuri on 26 May 2020
Thank you both for your help.
What is the reason I should not do that. Furthermore, am I able to choose from the general variable m vector assigned? I mean I tried the code preferred by Mr. Gupta, and the assigned m vector has appeared to be a vector with N number of values.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 May 2020
See this answer for some of the many reasons to avoid creating many individual scalar variables with numbered names.

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