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common tangent of two curves with vpasolve.

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The following code finds common tangents of fx and gx by symbolic expressions. I used first "solve" but sometimes it can not find all the roots of the denk1 and denk2 which are derived from common tangent geometry. vpasolve finds a pair of x,y but not both. I appreciate any help or suggestions.
best wishes,
clc, clear all, close all
disp([' (t) a b']);
R=8.314 ;%j/mol K;
O2=0; %j/mol K;
for t=1300:50:1350
syms x fx gx ek m(x) y1(x) a b y2(x) f(x) g(x) fu(x) gu(x)
syms denk1 denk2 denk3 p yx
fu(x)=diff(f(x),x);%1. differential
%[a b]=solve(denk1,denk2,a,b);
%[kola kolb] = vpasolve([denk1 denk2],[a b],[0.2;.99991])
[Sola Solb] = vpasolve([denk1 denk2],[a b],[0.1; 0.3]);
plot(x ,f(x),'r-',x ,g(x),'-b')
hold on
p = linspace(a,b);
%y=mx+n graph of common tangent line between a and b
plot(p,yx, 'm-')
hold off


darova on 12 Jun 2020
Here the results i got from your code
Look good. What is your question again?
muhsin ider
muhsin ider on 12 Jun 2020
there is another common tangent on the right side of the 1 st figure around 0.8-0.9 and also in the 2nd figure. Solve or vpasolve can not automatically find those points.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 12 Jun 2020
In your code you gove starting-points for the variable you search for. Perhaps vpasolve doesn't bother to look for all solutions of your equation (in case they are too complex one solution might be considered good enough). Try to look for a second solution starting from another point (~0.8 and 0.9). If that gives you a second solution you've found the second solution. I've not looked at your equations to know how many solutions you should have...


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muhsin ider
muhsin ider on 12 Jun 2020
Thanks for your help. I tried to correct undefined functions or typos but I could not. But I understand What you meant. My questions anwer is Matlab cannot give both answers for some cases at least symbolically. I know how to do with other methods such as newtons method or secant method etc. I wanted it to be very short and neat But I think matlab is not an unlimited software in terms of solving for 2 rooted non linear equations.
Thanks. best wishes,
Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 12 Jun 2020
That is most likely a design-choise by Mathworks. If, for example, vpasolve were to try to return all solutions of equations there might be problems when you try to solve equations with infinitely many solutions. Then there would need to be some arbitrary cut-off when the number of solutions will be considered "enough". Perhaps Mathworks then made the choise that one solution is enough.
muhsin ider
muhsin ider on 12 Jun 2020
I am guessing and understanding now that vpasolve is also using a newton based or similar method or something like that because the same problem sometimes happen with that method. That method sometimes gives only one solution depending on the starting guess point.
Thanks for your help and comments.
best regards,

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