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How to get all the selected objects in a stateflow diagram?

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John Karter
John Karter on 30 Jun 2020
Commented: John Karter on 30 Jun 2020
I am trying to run some code in a Stateflow model when its objects are selected. How do I find which objects have been selected??
Thanks in advance!


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Gaganjyoti Baishya
Gaganjyoti Baishya on 30 Jun 2020
Hi, please try this code snippet. It worked for my use-case.
rt = sfroot;
m = rt.find('-isa', 'Stateflow.Machine', '-and','Name',bdroot);
visChart = m(1).find('Visible',1); % find stateflow chart handle
editor = visChart.Editor; % Editor object of the current
curObj = editor.selectedObjects;
curObj stores all the SF objects that are selected.


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