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Digital input using DataAcquisition interface MATLAB 2020a

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I noticed that MATLAB no longer recommends some functions, like addDigitalChannel, in version 2020a onwards. Currently, I am creating an app to acquire signal from several NI DAQ-cards. However, I get an error I can't solve:
"Check for missing argument or incorrect argument data type in call to function 'addinput'".
The small example code below gives me that same error. I have looked at the documentation and my 'addinput'-line seems correct.
Has any of you experienced this issue? It seems like I am missing something obvious.
Thanks in advance.
method = 1;
if method == 0 % Old method <2020a
d = daq.getDevices;
sCheck = daq.createSession('ni');
chCheck = addDigitalChannel(sCheck,'SimDev1', ...
[data,~] = inputSingleScan(sCheck)
d = daqlist("ni")

Answers (1)

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 27 Jul 2020
Can you try using 'daq' instead of 'daqlist'.
d = daq("ni");
Hope this helps!


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