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Save figure with high-quality

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BN on 25 Jul 2020
Edited: BN on 26 Jul 2020
Dear all,
I want to save my figure with high quality. I need the quality of the figure do not reduce by zooming. I tried something like:
% or
export_fig (gcf, '-zbuffer','-r1080');
% or
But after I insert the output in Microsoft office and zoom I see the quality of the figure reduce significantly.
What I have:
also my plot items turns blury too, when zoomin:
What I need:
Both zoomed by 6400%
Also, I want to have low volume of file size (like 500 kb).
So is this possible?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jul 2020
When you save to png, it is guaranteed that you will not get the behavior that you want. The only vector file formats available are pdf, eps, and svg .
BN on 26 Jul 2020
I am really thank you, here is my high-quality output using -dsvg:
Thank you
BN on 26 Jul 2020
Edited: BN on 26 Jul 2020
Dear Walter,
The volume of -dsvg is about 2 MB so I tried -dpdf which gave me very high-quality just like -dsvg but with very suitable volume (200 KB) but I don't know how to have just figure, not a pdf file (in order to use it in microsoft office word)
Do you have information about this issue? Thanks

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