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I want to simulate with various input.

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Saka Toshi
Saka Toshi on 30 Jul 2020
Commented: Saka Toshi on 31 Jul 2020
sys = 1(1+s)
input = 1/s - exp(-2*s)/s
So, how can I get lsim output "sys*input" ??
I must make digital signal of input??


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Accepted Answer

Paul on 30 Jul 2020
As a general approach, you can compute the impulse response of the product of the transfer function and the input.
H = tf(1,[1 1]); % assuming typo in the original question.
U1 = tf(1,[1 0]);
U2 = tf(1,[1 0],'InputDelay',2);
t = 0:.001:10;
y = impulse(H*(U1 - U2),t);
In your particular case, the output is the difference between the step response and the step response delayed by t=2:
% assumes that any(t==2) is true
y1 = step(H,t);
y2 = 0*y1;
ii = find(t>=2);
y2(t>=2) = y1(1:length(ii));

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Saka Toshi
Saka Toshi on 31 Jul 2020
Thank you!!
You make me more advanced!! :)

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