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boundary mark of the image?

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I want to mark the boundary of the centered circular objects. I also want to calculate the area of the object. How can I do it?
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Rik on 18 Aug 2020
What have you tried to segment the object? Once you have a binary mask of the object itself or most of the boundary pixels you can fit a circle and calculate the area.
My first try would be to threshold this image, and fit a circle (fit a function with x_center, y_center, and r as variables). You could then further refine the fit by excluding point that are too far away from the circle and repeating the fit with the remaining points.

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Pankhuri Kasliwal
Pankhuri Kasliwal on 21 Aug 2020
You can use the “bwboundaries” function for tracing boundaries and use an additional ‘noholes’ parameter to accelerate the process for finding circular objects only. Further, to find the area of the detected object you can use the “regionprops” function. For detailed information on how to do this please see the documentation link below -

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