Write arrays with exact values from .txt files with scientific notation

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Hello together,
i read values from .txt files. The values are in scientific notation and have the form
My suggestion for this:
folder = ['foldername'];
filename_t = fullfile(folder, sprintf('%dHz_t_LS_%d.txt', f_sim, LS));
fileID_t = fopen(filename_t, 'rt');
t_total = textscan(fileID_t, '%sf,'HeaderLines',0);
t_total = t_total{1};
But unfortunately it never gives the correct value. I only get values in the form 0.0750, which is much too low accuracy.
i have already experimented with %16.8f etc., but did not reach my goal
Many greetings
teasy on 13 Sep 2020
this was a copy error, so the correct command would be
t_total = textscan(fileID_t, '%f','HeaderLines',0);
but even this does not give the desired result

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Sep 2020
I suspect you have the format set at:
format short
Setting it to
format long
may be the solution,.
teasy on 13 Sep 2020
The problem was that I looked at the variable in the workspace and the workspace display was short.
Sorry for the circumstances but thanks for the help!

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