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pulse disturbance signal generator

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KaMATLAB on 15 Sep 2020
Commented: Jon on 16 Sep 2020
Hi Please can anyone help on how to generate a pulse disturbance to test the robustness of my second order sliding mode control system. My system runs fine for 10,000 seconds. I need to apply pulse distrubance to test the robusteness. However, I could only add pulse disturbace that run the entire time of the simulation time which is 10,000 seconds. I believe disturbance should just run a fraction of the entire simulation time. for instance for 100s out of the 10,000s simulation time. Please how do i generate such pusle disturbance that would not run the entire simulation time. I want it to run for may be 100 seconds or 200s of the 10,000 seconds of the simulation time.
thank you


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Accepted Answer

Jon on 15 Sep 2020
How are you running your simulation? Is it in Simulink?
In Simulink you can use a From Workspace block to create an arbitrary signal. Use this to create your desired disturbance and connect it appropriately in your diagram to apply the disturbance.


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KaMATLAB on 16 Sep 2020
Thank you I have figured it based on your recomendations
KaMATLAB on 16 Sep 2020
Thank you so much. I will figue this as well. I really appreciate the answers . Thank Thank Thank you
Jon on 16 Sep 2020
Glad you were able to make progress. Good luck going ahead

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