subscript that is out of range?

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Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar on 18 Sep 2020
Commented: stozaki on 21 Sep 2020
I tried to simulate matrix equations with simulink but "subscript is out of range" error display. Anyone pls fix it.
attachment : simulink file

Accepted Answer

stozaki on 19 Sep 2020
Hello Rajeev,
The variable "P" is undefined in your Fcn block.
Define the value of the variable "P".
stozaki on 21 Sep 2020
Is it the same error? Isn't it a different error message?
I seem to have the wrong number of elements in your Fcn block. Since the output of the Demux block is scalar, I don't think u (2) or u (3) can be used.
I think the input of the Fcn block can remain a vector. I have attached a reference example.

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