Nichols chart plot to gain polt Bode diagram

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Shahar ben ezra
Shahar ben ezra on 15 Oct 2020
Answered: Shahar ben ezra on 15 Oct 2020
Hello everyone
How can I get a BODE graph from a NICHOLS graph
clc, clear
counter = ([1 1]);
denominator = conv([ 1 4 16],[1 2]);
First_fun =tf(counter,denominator)
bode(First_fun), grid on
counter_new = conv([1 1],[1]);
denominator_new =conv( conv([ 1 4 16],[1 2]),[1 0]);
new_fun =tf(counter_new,denominator_new)
bode(First_fun), grid on
hold on
bode(new_fun), grid on
nichols(new_fun), grid on


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