make different numbers with the same digits

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I have to ask the user for a positive integer ( input=('give a positive integer') and then ask him through a menu if he wants to make a bigger or smaller number with the same digits so Matlab will calculates the requested number.
Jens Petit-jean
Jens Petit-jean on 19 Oct 2020
yeah I know I think 999 just keeps the samen. No I can't just add 1 I need to make the number bigger or smaller just by changing the position of the digits.

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Answers (2)

Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 19 Oct 2020
y=str2num(sort(num2str(x),'ascend')); % smaller
z=str2num(sort(num2str(x),'descend')); % bigger

KSSV on 19 Oct 2020
str = '215' ;
num = str2num(perms(str)) ;
greater = num(num>str2num(str))
lesser = num(num<str2num(str))

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