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How do I add variables into a string within a table?

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I have a table with a column of 10 digit strings that I need to add "-" into.
How do I turn a column of strings looking like this "0001336363" into a column of strings looking like this "0001336-36-3"?


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 Oct 2020
The only option appears to be to turn the string variable into a char array first:
str = "0001336363";
strc = char(str);
Out = sprintf("%7s-%2s-%s", strc(1:7),strc(8:9),strc(10))
Out =


Nick O'Connor
Nick O'Connor on 20 Oct 2020
Thank you. I was trying to come up with something along that line but hadn't thought to change it to a character array.
After asking here, I found this alternative solution.
tests.CAS12 = insertAfter(tests.CAS12,7,"-"); % Add in the first "-"
tests.CAS12 = insertAfter(tests.CAS12,10,"-") % Add in the second "-".
I shall compare the two and decide which I think is cleaner.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 Oct 2020
As always, my pleasure!
I searched through the string functions, although I didn’t consider that insertAfter would apply. It would likely come down to which is the more efficient use of computer resources.

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