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Plotting 3D Yield Function

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Gabriella Locantore
Gabriella Locantore on 23 Oct 2020
Answered: Arpit Bhatia on 27 Oct 2020
Hi! Im trying to obtain a 3D plot of this equation: f = O - (Y^2) where Y is a constant and O = (x^2) + (y^2) + (z^2) - 2v(xy + xz + yz). v is also a constant. The plot should be an ellipsoid, varying in shape depending on what v is

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Arpit Bhatia
Arpit Bhatia on 27 Oct 2020
Hi Gabriella,
The function you mentioned takes 3 input arguments (x, y and z) and hence would require a 4D plot to visualize. Please refer to the below links on how to visualize a function with 3 arguments:

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