Use Of FlightGear with Aerospace Toolbox

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I have recently obtained the Aerospace Toolbox and am trying to use it on Matlab Release 2011b and 2012a. I went to the site and downloaded Flight Gear 2.4.0 which according the release notes is the latest version that can run with Matlab (on the Flight Gear site the current version is 2.8). I notice that in the demoscript it is checking to see if my machine is 32bit (it is 64). It detects this an stops with an error. The FlightGear version is also 32 bit. Is there a workround?
Gijs on 14 Jun 2013
Hi Stephen,
I realize this is quite a late reply, but just in case you're still struggling (and to help others finding this question). After generating the run script, you'll probably need to edit it to match your system's paths. The toolbox makes some assumptions about the paths that unfortunately make little sense.
Also, you can safely use a newer FlightGear release (eg. 2.10 works fine).
Cheers, Gijs (FlightGear developer)

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